Inspiring Through Dance Since 1976

About Happendance School

Happendance School provides progressive dance education in technical and creative realms. Training is offered for students three years of age through adult, each class carefully designed to meet the needs of the amateur, the recreational, or professional dancer. Classes for all levels begin in early September and run in four consecutive 9-week sessions through May. An additional summer session with guest workshops and dance camps is also offered.

Happendance School is unique in its philosophy of dance education. Here the emphasis is placed on teaching dance as an expressive art form rather than overly concentrating on the production of a single dance event. Students discover a personal relationship with dance through activities that develop self-esteem, discipline, and creativity. With guidance from the Happendance teacher, each dancer learns to establish and achieve reasonable goals appropriate to her/his interest, physical development, and age.

The basic requirement of dance education -- as with all education -- is a learning-centered environment. This includes competent teaching, small class size, and appropriate space.

Competent teaching - Trained professionals with extensive experience in dance education both in public and private settings.

Class size - To maximize personal attention from the teacher, chil- dren's classes are limited to 12 students; teen and adult classes to 20. Classes may be canceled if enrollment is insufficient.

Appropriate space - Happendance School has two spacious studios with suspended wood floors, state-of-the-art audio and visual equipment, and full-length mirrors. A dressing room and parent waiting area are provided.

Parents are invited at the end of each 9-week session to evaluate their children's progress by providing a supportive audience for the students. To further develop performing skills and share the fun and excitement of dance, a formal spring concert is presented for all the Happendance School students, their families and friends.