Inspiring Through Dance Since 1976

Happendance Professional Company: Winter Concert

Happendance is proud to be Michigan's longest-running professional modern dance company, widely known for its concerts of original dance. Since its founding in 1976, the company has performed in a variety of local venues, featuring their own original works and those of notable guest artists. Each winter the Happendance Professional Company produces an evening-length show, broadly termed the "winter concert".

Recent winter concerts:
Exposed Poster

2012 Happendance...Exposed

"Happendance . . . Exposed" simplified the technical production elements to provide a unique focus on the dances and the dancers.

Directed by Missy Lilje.

Choreography by Leanne Schmidt (New York City), Kimberly Karpanty (Cleveland/Kent State Univ.), Missy Lilje, Andrew Amos, Michael Place and Tracy Holtzer.

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Connect Poster

2011 "Connect"

"Connect" brought together onstage modern dance and live music in a powerful and inspiring collaboration of Happendance and Lansing Symphony Chamber Musicians.

Co-directed by Missy Lilje and Matt Bebermeyer.

Choreography by Cristina Perera, Bill DeYoung, Missy Lilje, Matt Bebermeyer and Patty Villanueva.

The Body poster

2010 "The Body"

“The Body” offered a powerful exploration of the life and capacity of the human body -- as vehicle, symbol, communication device, manifestation of mind and soul.

Co-directed by Matt Bebermeyer & Missy Bischoff Lilje

Choreography: Matt Bebermeyer, Gregory M. George, Missy Lilje, Angela Rich and Lisa Whiting-Dobson

Dynamic poster

2009 "Dynamic! Lansing at 150"

"Dynamic (noun). An energizing force involved in the process of social change." That definition is how artistic director Missy Bischoff Lilje sees Lansing as it celebrates its sesquicentennial in 2009, and is the vision that runs through this concert.

Directed by Missy Bischoff Lilje

Choreography: Missy Bischoff Lilje, Andrew Amos, Andi Crawford, Matt Bebermeyer, Nate Crawford and Jennifer Bricker

RISE poster

2008 "Rise: The Up Side of Down"

Themes of life in Lansing.

Directed by Missy Bischoff

Choreography: Missy Bischoff, Katie Robiadek, Andrew Amos, Andi Crawford, and Julie Fotheringham

A Village Moving poster

2007 "A Village Moving"

A 30th anniversary tribute to the whole village that makes Happendance so special.

Directed by Missy Bischoff

Choreography: Leanne Schmidt, Nate Crawford, Heather Vaughn-Southard, Missy Bischoff, Garnett Kepler, Robin Williams, and Jane Heppner-Gamble

Man In a Can poster

2006 "Man in a Can"

An exploration of our reactions to modern corporate life and marketing.

Co-Directed by Andrew Amos & Matt Bebermeyer

Choreography: Andrew Amos, Matt Bebermeyer, Heather Vaugn-Southard

Places poster

2005 "Places"

A diverse concert of original modern dance.

Co-Directed by Kelly R. Harris & Allison Walacavage

Choreography: Mitzi Adams, Missy Bischoff, Joan Hartshorne, Kelly Harris, and Michael Woodberry-Means