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Dance Lansing

2017 Performances
Tuesday, July 25
7:00 p.m.
Dart Auditorium Performance
500 North Capitol, Lansing

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DANCE Lansing is a collaboration with goals of building a diverse community of dancers to enrich the creative performance and development opportunities for area choreographers and dancers, and to increase audience appreciation and understanding of modern and contemporary dance. The foundation of this collaboration is a partnership between Happendance and Lansing Community College Performing Arts. Associates include Everett High School Dance Program, Fusion Dance Center, Greater Lansing Academy of Dance, MICA Gallery, Michigan State University Department of Theatre, and MSU Orchesis.

In its inaugural season, DANCE Lansing (Community Dance Project) involved 4 choreographers and 8 dancers. In 2015, ten years later, a collaboration of 35 choreographers, working with over 80 dancers from throughout Mid-Michigan, present over 45 original new works of choreography in a series of nine concerts presented to the community FREE of charge during the last week of July and into early August. We expect equally great things during the 2016 project.


Although originally limited to summer months, select dancers studying with Happendance, Lansing Community College, and/or other associates of DANCE Lansing develop new choreography prior to the primary project dates. Showings of works-in-progress present such emerging pieces for response and feedback. Staged productions by various DANCE Lansing partner organizations may include highlights from the prior season as well as prospects for the next summer concerts. Watch for these events in the months following the summer series.

Funding support for 2015 has been provided by: Jackson National Life, MSU Federal Credit Union, Arts Council of Greater Lansing, Capital Region Community Foundation, Ingham County Hotel/Motel Fund for Arts and Tourism, and the Michigan Council for Arts & Cultural Affairs with the support of National Endowment for the Arts.

C/d Project - Community Dance

Community Dance Project (Now DANCE Lansing) was founded in 2005 as the brain child of veteran Happendance performer, choreographer, and artistic director Matt Bebermeyer. It has evolved into a thriving collaborative adventure bringing the art of modern dance to the forefront of community arts experiences and serving dance artists and agencies in fresh and varied ways, and its name evolved in 2014 to lead off with DANCE Lansing.

Community Dance compilation

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The mission of DANCE Lansing is to build a diverse community of dancers, to enrich the creative performance and educational opportunities for area choreographers and dancers, and to increase audience appreciation and understanding of contemporary dance.

For more information contact Happendance 517.333.3528, at DANCE Lansing